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Is this normal?

April 2nd, 2015 at 06:43 am

I bought organic milk from a big box store a few days ago and just opened it yesterday. It smells sour. Date on jug is May 17. I'm taking it back. I have been wanting to try raw milk. Found a dairy about 45 mins from here that carries it along with butter, cream, etc. Prices are a little steep but I'm wanting to provide better food for my family. Hubby works in that area so will ask him to pick up a gallon.

Also bought half a cow recently. Waiting on that to be delivered. We have done this before and can't go back to store bought beef. Hubs figured out we are paying about $6/lb on average. Not too bad and its grass fed.

We also order chicken breast from Zaycon. It comes in 40 lb boxes. We bought two. Paid $1.99/lb.

Is this normal?

April 2nd, 2015 at 06:43 am

I bought organic milk from a big box store a few days ago and just opened it yesterday. It smells sour. Date on jug is May 17. I'm taking it back. I have been wanting to try raw milk. Found a dairy about 45 mins from here that carries it along with butter, cream, etc. Prices are a little steep but I'm wanting to provide better food for my family. Hubby works in that area so will ask him to pick up a gallon.

Also bought half a cow recently. Waiting on that to be delivered. We have done this before and can't go back to store bought beef. Hubs figured out we are paying about $6/lb on average. Not too bad and its grass fed.

We also order chicken breast from Zaycon. It comes in 40 lb boxes. We bought two. Paid $1.99/lb.

Hello all!

March 3rd, 2015 at 10:13 am

It has been over a year since I last posted. Boy does time fly.

There is so much to say I don't know where to start.

I am pretty much on a cash basis and documenting all discretionary purchases.

I bought a pair of Miss Me jeans for my daughter at a thrift store. I pent $3 whole dollars. She didn't like them so I listed them on a local garage sale site and sold them for $40. Whoo who! Love it.

Two days ago I roasted a turkey. Son got it free at work for Thanksgiving. First night we just had turkey, fresh green beans, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Last night I made a turkey and barley soup. It was awesomely good. Tonight I will be making quesadillas and tomorrow will be fried rice.

Went to Wally World a few days ago and saved $40. Bill was $60 and with coupons it went down to $20. Some of my coupons even produced overage.

I recently bought some pants at a thrift store that needed to be altered. I'm a shorty. lol. Found a lady that charges only $1.50 per pair and she does a pretty good job. Dry cleaners want to charge $10+. I wont do that especially when I don't spend that much on the pants themselves.

Glad to be back. Everyone have a great day! Smile

Turkey...take II

February 17th, 2014 at 07:40 am

Soup turned out great. I made a double batch so my DH could make lunches for work. Tonight I will make quisidillas (sp?)

My daughter and I are leaving shortly to thrift shop and shop for a prom dress. She is so particular so hopefully we find one and we can be done with this.

I plan on making hairspray within the next few days. Saw it on Pintrest. Smile

Turkey day!

February 16th, 2014 at 01:05 pm

Boy it has been awhile since I have posted. I have been lurking though...

I want to get a better hold of our money issues so here goes.

I cooked a turkey yesterday and it turned out great. Today I am boiling the carcass for stock and making turkey soup for dinner. I will post each day what this turkey will be used for. I bought it around Thanksgiving for .37/lb.

Spent $837 on my SUV Friday. Things that have been needing to be done. They said I need two new front tires, but they are okay. I am going to get them rotated though. There still is decent tread. That money was earmarked to replenish out emergency fund so that is a setback.

DD needs to take her car in next. Something about the catalytic converter. We will get that checked on tomorrow.

DD and I are also going to prom dress shopping tomorrow. I have set a budget of $150. May go a little over but I don't see the point of spending a lot for a dress she will wear once. We are going to pop some tags also. She doesn't usually like to go, but loves it when I find some Miss Me's or a coach bag. Lol.

Tracking spending...

August 2nd, 2013 at 10:45 am

Spending for today...

$ 3.49.....shirt for DH. sale and coupon
$ 8.43.....air conditioner filters.

and for the big one...

$6693.00.....new hone air conditioner unit. Dude wants more because he says it took loner that expected because attic access was smaller that he thought. He gave bid after going in attic so tough cookies! They also caused sheetrock damage. I'm not a happy camper. Frown

Just catching up...

July 2nd, 2013 at 05:55 pm

Hubby goes in for his second surgery on the 9th. Looks like he won't be returning to work until Dec or Jan. Wow, that will be one year off work.

The emergency fund has taken quite a hit. Had to take a considerable chunk out to cover annual auto insurance and some living expenses. Usually we have money put aside in an "escrow acct" for ins, taxes, etc. but haven't been able to contribute to this acct since he is not working.

Had to get DD a new mattress. I didn't realize how bad hers was. This is something that couldn't be put off. The sagging was awful. I tried turning it and still so bad. I found one online that had great reviews and bought it. I did a quick search and found a coupon code that saved $40! Not bad for about 3 mins. work!

Watching the emergency fund go down is depressing but I guess it's what it is there for...

Gotta do what you gotta do!

May 17th, 2013 at 07:23 am

My youngest son (12) had a band concert last night. All boys were supposed to wear black slacks. He got dressed and realized his only pair of black slacks were too short! We had 15 minutes until we had to leave. I let out the hem, ironed it down, and secured the new hem with electrical tape. It actually held up! Haha! He threw a freshly ironed button up dress shit on and a black belt and he was good to go!

Also yesterday I bought a pair of khaki's and two dress shirts for him for $12 at a consignment store and hubby bought a pool stick for $15. He researched it and found out they retail for minimum $185.

I am paying bills today. should be interesting...

It's been awhile!

May 16th, 2013 at 06:04 am

Just checking in...

I had my post-op appt yesterday and everything checks out good. Had a small problem with the dr's bedside manner again, so will prob find a new dr.

DH starts active phy therapy today. Been doing passive therapy since mid April. We are thinking his next surgery will b around the first of July.

Currently money is very tight. I mentioned on a previous post that DH is bringing in about 50% of his normal pay and I was wrong. It is more like 35%. We have used $3000 of our emergency fund and that was mostly to cover medical bills. I am determined to not use it on a monthly basis. We will prob have to when auto ins comes up for renewal, homeownwers ins, homeowners taxes, etc.

DD turned 16 recently and wants a sweet 16 party. I have a budget set at $150. She doesn't think it's possible with the "caliber" of party she wants. I will pull it off. I have been shopping garage sales, borrowed items, and watching grocery sale ads for the food. I hope to post pics when it's all set up. We were planning to rent a space but decided to have it at home under the carport to save money. She plans to invite 40 guests. :O

DS is graduating in a few weeks. He is also up for another promotion at his work. This kid is a hard worker and very intelligent. He deserves it. He also plans to attend college full time in the fall.

Everyone take care!

Feeling out of control

March 19th, 2013 at 07:16 am

Youngest is home sick today with a sore throat. I'm hoping it's not strep. Already called the school to get his make-up work, so I will pick that up when I get daughter this afternoon.

Money also seems out of control. I spent some money on something that wasn't a neccesity and am feeling guilty. Even my kids have "gotten on" to me about it. Oh well. Yes we can afford it. No, I shouldn't have purchased it.

I really need to get groceries today. I have been putting it off for several days. Everyone keeps saying there is no food in the house, but suprisingly we still have a great dinner each night.

Prom for my two oldest is this weekend. Boys are so much easier than girls. Rent tux...check! Girls on the other hand....buy dress, shoes, hair, make-up, etc...just a little stressful.

I plan on paying bills today and going over the budget if I have time. I have a full plate today and a sick one so maybe tomorrow. Smile

Take care everyone and have a great day!

Container gardening

March 9th, 2013 at 07:10 am

DH and I are going to plant a container garden today. We bought some tomato starts, jalepeno starts, and a few other things. We both don't have the means to keep up a yard garden this year. He isn't happy about it, but I convinced him it will be too much work considering we both just had surgery and he will need another surgery in a few months.

Last night was a success with the beans and rice. DD's BF really liked them. I was surprised because he usually doesn't like my healthy cooking. Smile

We are going to make the pork loin ($1.99/lb) tonight that DH wanted to make last night. I will let him handle that while I make the side dishes.

Not much going on

March 8th, 2013 at 07:12 am

I want to keep in the habit of blogging tho so here goes....

If anyone does Coke rewards here is a bonus code worth 20 pts good til March 15th...10099755715372.

Hubby is getting around better each day. He is almost out of pain meds and prob won't get a refil so I don't know how that will go.

Making beans and brown rice with sweet cornbread for dinner tonight. Cheap and yummy. Hubby also wants to make pork loin but hopefully we can wait til tomorrow for that.

DD invited her BF over tonight so going to rent Wreck it Ralph from Redbox. I alresdy reserved it so we are guarenteed to have it. Youngest son also wants to see it.

Oldest son is thinking about getting a second job as he needs/wants more money. He is currently up for a promotion at his current job. He doesn't presently have set hrs so a second job will be difficult. He is a senior in HS but gets out of school at noon.

Everyone have a great day! Smile

Quiting Scouts

March 5th, 2013 at 06:59 am

My youngest son who is 11 yrs old is quiting scouts. He has been wanting to quit for some time now. I have told him in the past to hang in there, it will get better. It hasn't. He loved it when he was younger, but now that he is under diferent authority, he can't stand it. So yesterday, I officially let him quit. Kinda sad for me as I like him to do that sort of thing, but with him feeling the way he does for so long I didn't see any other way. In his words (in a text after scouts one night) "The comitee is corrupt and I'm like 85% on quiting this piece of crap they call boyscouts." Now I don't condone his language, but it is pretty funny...

Hubby is feeling better this morning. He actually feels like gettting out and running errands with me. I told him it is too soon and he would regret it later, so he is staying home. Smile

I have a credit at the chiropractor so I am going to get a massage. They can't give me an adjustment as it's still too soon after surgery.

Tomorrow is DH and my 20th wedding anniversary. Damn, we are old! Where did the time go? Heard thru the grapevine someone at our wedding said they wouldn't give us a year. Guess we showed them!

Half the pay

March 4th, 2013 at 08:29 am

My DH recently had surgery and will not work for at least 6 mos. We will be bringing in money though at 50% of what we are used to. We have enough to get by on but it will be difficult. Before surgery we were putting money back for Homeowners taxes, homeowners ins, car ins, Roth, and son's college. Now we can't. Kind of diheartning, but at least we can make the monthly bills with a little leftover.

I am pinching pennies any way I can...today I made a homemade dryer sheet, washed out a freezer bag, and going to hang clothes out on the line. I'm sure there will be more as the day progresses.

Also thinking of disconnecting the satellite and going with an antenna....prob won't go over well with the family.

Surgery went well

February 19th, 2013 at 07:19 pm

Thank you for all the prayers. I came home from the hospital Saturday afternoon, Everything is fine and I am on the road to recovery.

Prayers please

February 13th, 2013 at 04:06 am

I am going in for major surgery today and am asking for prayers for my family and me. The procedure is scheduled for 1:00 pm central time. Thanks so much.

Somewhat busy day

November 28th, 2012 at 06:38 am

My to do list today is as follows...

1. Clean up the living room as there are boxes and Christmas deco strewn everywhere.

2. Make dinner. I'm making homemade turkey soup. Easy and yummy. I have the turkey carcas simmering with an onion and bay leaves rt now. Smells wonderful.

3. Shell pecans. Getting to be very tedious. I do a little every day.

4. Pay bills. Enough said...

5. Laundry. Prob have 4 loads.

6. Make out my grocery list. Need to look at sales and make a list to price match.

7. Clean out the fridge. Prob have some science experiments growing in the back. hahaha.

8. Wrap presents.

Other happenings...our desktop computer and my husband's laptop are both having problems. Evidently both need new hard drives. Who knows how much that will cost. I am currently on my sons laptop. Maybe I should just buy one of my own. Merry Christmas to me!

Took our kitty in yesterday to get her fixed. Prob $100 for that.

Money just seems to be flowing thru my fingers and I can't stop it. Makes me anxious.

I got news yesterday that a good friend of mine is moving away. We have been friends for 11 yrs. Gonna be hard without her.

Pecan pie

November 14th, 2012 at 06:59 am

A friend and I went pecan gathering. I scored about 40 lbs for free. I paid 25 cents/lb to get them cracked. Pretty good deal. Today I will try my hand at making a pecan pie. Looked up a recipe online and took into consideration the adjustments in the reviews. Hopefully it will be yummy...

I will also be making spiced pecans to give as Christmas gifts along with some cookies. Hopefully they will be well recieved.

Lunch cost 59 cents...

October 24th, 2012 at 07:51 am

Hubby and I had to go out of town yesterday to finish up my dental work. Ate lunch at a fast food place and after B1G1 coupons and a gift card, lunch was 59 cents. Smile

While out of town we bought a panini grill for $20, reg $40. This will be a gift from santa to the family for Christmas. Kids have been wanting one since having paninis at grandmas.

Also bought DD 15 prs of socks for Christmas for $4.00. Had a $10 coupon. Just a few days ago she asked for new socks. Maybe I will give her a few before Christmas.

Bought a few gocireies for $5.17

Dental work was $358.50 Frown

Officially started my Christmas shopping today.

October 22nd, 2012 at 07:44 am

American Eagle is having a clearance sale of 40% off and with a coupon code and additional 15% is taken off. I also got free 2 day shipping with Shoprunner (which I got free for 1 yr.) This is what I bought...

2 pr jeans for DS...$26.00 (will give these 2 him now)
1 infinity scarf for DD...$11.00 (this will be from youngest son for Christmas)
1 cute purse for me...$14.00 (this is from DH for Christmas, he just doesn't know it yet) Wink

Total with tax, around $55.00.

Went back to the store for more roast to grind and spent $61.00. I did save $30.00 with price matching and $6.00 with coupons.

Ham and beans

October 21st, 2012 at 08:05 am

Yesterday I made a big pot of ham and beans. I used crowder and purple hull peas from our garden that were dried and added a bag of northern bens. Turned out quite well. I added a pound of ham that I bought for $1.99. Frugal and yummy. I packaged half to make meals for hubby to take to work and the other half will stay in the fride for a few days for anyone to eat. Leftovers will be frozen for hubby's meals. I try to make large quantities of frugal meals for this pourpose.

I will make stew today with roast and new potatoes, and carrots bought on sale.

Hubby bought chuck roast on sale for $1.99/lb. I plan to by more to ground for hamburger meat.

Money spent since last post...
3 stainless pots and pans (with glass lids) from garage sale...$15.00
2 outdoor chairs to put by burnpile so we can sit around fire and chat Smile...$5.00
Groceries hubby bought out of town that we on sale...$57.00

This daily logging of money spent has really been an eye opener and it's only been a week.

Money spent since last post

October 19th, 2012 at 03:32 pm

Okay, the money is spillng out...here goes...

Haircut and highlight for me...$120.00
Haircut for DS...$18.00
Bottled water for DS...$1.00 (we brought some from home but ran out.)
Jeans for me from garage sale...$2.00
Jeans for DS from garage sale...$2.00

The haircoloring isn't a regular charge for me. I usually get my hair highlighted once or twice a yr. I had my DH color my hair one time and he was having problems pulling it thru the cap. He exclaimed "I don't care how much this s*** cost to have done! Next time you just go get it done!" ....so I did. Smile

Garage sale bounty

October 18th, 2012 at 11:06 am

Went to a garage sale with a friend this morning....we made out quite well. I bought....

8 books for DS...$3.00
1 Fox hoodie for DD boyfriend...$2.00
3 Old Navy sweaters for me...$3.00
6 fashion scarves for DD...$4.50

I plan to document my daily spending for one month so I will become more accountable. Everything except my houshold bills.

Proud momma

October 15th, 2012 at 06:22 am

My oldest son (17) has started buying Christmas gifts already so he's not stuck at the last minute rushing around. I advised him to go to the Dollar Tree to purchase Christmas bags now while they have a good selection. He said he is going to wrap all his gifts with the comics out of the Sunday paper! Wow! He really impressed me with that one. Maybe I will do the same. I get three papers delivered every Suday (coupons) so he should be set. Smile

On another note I developed an abscess tooth last weekend. Talk about pain! Very expensive. Just the dental work and meds will bw around $800. That's after ins too. Hubby had to take time off of work, so there is lost wages also. We are tight this month and ever more so now, but it is what it is.

Cooking rut and fundraiser

October 2nd, 2012 at 07:25 am

I am in a cooking rut. Making the same meals over and over. I need diversity but am limited as we need to keep it low carb. We eat a lot of brown rice, barley, salads, etc. Does this happen to anyone else? Ideas anyone? DH is a big meat eater and would like to reduce that for his health and budget. He is resistant so far...

Youngest son (11) is in scouts and started the popcorn fundraiser yesterday. He sold $250 worth yesterday in about an hour and a half. Is the economy getting better or are people just feeling generous? Last year he wasn't nearly as succesful. I, myself bought from a kid down the street last week when he was doing a band fundraiser. So out of the norm for me.

Weather is getting cooler here and have been opening the windows. So nice to feel the breeze in the house. Saving money on AC is nice too.

I have already started putting money aside for oldest college. I had several homecoming mum orders and all money went into his fund.....snowflaking will add up.


October 1st, 2012 at 08:05 am

My daughter (15)recently told me the halloween costume that she wants is $40.00. Her friend and herself are dressing up as the same thing. I think $40 is too much for a costume that is only going to be worn once. She asked if I would split the price with her and I said $20 is to much. I think she knows it's to expensive and doesn't want to spend her own money. She is saving for something and has been for awhile. Hopefully she will search the internet fot homemade costumes that won't break the bank...

In other news, oldest(17) has started an envelope system for his bills. He says it's nice to know where money is allocated and how much he has left for discretionary spending. I told him this kind of budget has been around for years...it's an elementary kind of budgeting system that is widely used. He told me he has $30 to last for 2 wks and he had just filled up his truck. He said he can make it work. Love that kid and his level head!

Question - opinions wanted

September 18th, 2012 at 06:46 am

We just recently fully funded our emergency fund. Six months of living expences. We were putting $1000/mo into this fund. I made mention to my husband that that the $1000/mo can now go to my oldest college fund. (He is a senior.) We currently have only $4500 in this account. He informed me that it should go into our 401K which now has only 5% going into it. I know that is low and should be at 15%, but I think we need to aggressively save for college expenses. (Our second child is a sophmore.) Expenses hould run $9000/semester for college. I'm freraking out as we don't take out loans for anything. Where is the money going to come from? Son is applying for schlorships, but that's not a sure thing.

If you need more information, ask away!

Do people not think before they speak??? Rant ahead

September 10th, 2012 at 07:59 am

I have two children starting band this year. Both decided to play the trumpet. One child is 15 and the other is 11. I looked on Craigslist and other like sites for several weeks and came up with nothing. Anyway, a friend mentioned a site to me that sells inexpensive music instruments and I ended up ordering two trumpets along with some other items. I researched this particular trumpet and it had good reviews.

At the school my youngest attends they were having a "horn drive" as they call it. A music store comes to the school to sell instruments and wow, if you can't afford it you can rent to own. Ah, no! Really???
He told his instructor that I had ordered one online and it was in transit. She asked what kind and he told her. She then said "Tell your mom those are cheap. They are not worth anything and for me to not even open the box and send it back." I cannot believe she would say this to my child! Who does she think she is? He was upset by her comment and voiced his concern over what she had said. He relayed that she wanted me to call her. I called and left a message. No call back and it's been over a week. He came home another day and said I was supposed to call her and I told him that she has my number if it's such a big concern.

Sorry about the rant, but am I overreacting?

Boyscout campout and learner's permit

April 25th, 2012 at 06:40 am

This last weekend was my youngest son's boyscout crossover. We had a campout at a lake near here. I was assigned to purchase all the food. I spent roughly $160 to feed 40 people. I think I did quite well. There was plenty leftovers, but rather have too much than not enough. We all had a great time and my family and I will probably go back there. I'm not a camping type person but there are cabins there near the lake that we can stay in.

My daughter got her learners permit Monday. She is so excited. There isn't a driving school nearby so parent taught it is. Did this with oldest son a couple of years ago but so much has changed since then. Wish me luck!

Oh, and hubby informed me of some money we should be recieving in July. Raises, backpay and such. Should be quite a bit. Hopefully enough to finish out our emergency fund.

$200 to the challenge

March 25th, 2012 at 01:10 pm

I haven't been on for awhile and want to add $200.00 to the challenge. We have all been so busy around here but I didn't want to forget the challenge. I just did a quick add in my head and believe I'm pretty close. Challenge total is now $922. I still need to count my change and ones. I will report back on that soon.

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