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Just catching up...

July 2nd, 2013 at 05:55 pm

Hubby goes in for his second surgery on the 9th. Looks like he won't be returning to work until Dec or Jan. Wow, that will be one year off work.

The emergency fund has taken quite a hit. Had to take a considerable chunk out to cover annual auto insurance and some living expenses. Usually we have money put aside in an "escrow acct" for ins, taxes, etc. but haven't been able to contribute to this acct since he is not working.

Had to get DD a new mattress. I didn't realize how bad hers was. This is something that couldn't be put off. The sagging was awful. I tried turning it and still so bad. I found one online that had great reviews and bought it. I did a quick search and found a coupon code that saved $40! Not bad for about 3 mins. work!

Watching the emergency fund go down is depressing but I guess it's what it is there for...