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Gotta do what you gotta do!

May 17th, 2013 at 07:23 am

My youngest son (12) had a band concert last night. All boys were supposed to wear black slacks. He got dressed and realized his only pair of black slacks were too short! We had 15 minutes until we had to leave. I let out the hem, ironed it down, and secured the new hem with electrical tape. It actually held up! Haha! He threw a freshly ironed button up dress shit on and a black belt and he was good to go!

Also yesterday I bought a pair of khaki's and two dress shirts for him for $12 at a consignment store and hubby bought a pool stick for $15. He researched it and found out they retail for minimum $185.

I am paying bills today. should be interesting...

It's been awhile!

May 16th, 2013 at 06:04 am

Just checking in...

I had my post-op appt yesterday and everything checks out good. Had a small problem with the dr's bedside manner again, so will prob find a new dr.

DH starts active phy therapy today. Been doing passive therapy since mid April. We are thinking his next surgery will b around the first of July.

Currently money is very tight. I mentioned on a previous post that DH is bringing in about 50% of his normal pay and I was wrong. It is more like 35%. We have used $3000 of our emergency fund and that was mostly to cover medical bills. I am determined to not use it on a monthly basis. We will prob have to when auto ins comes up for renewal, homeownwers ins, homeowners taxes, etc.

DD turned 16 recently and wants a sweet 16 party. I have a budget set at $150. She doesn't think it's possible with the "caliber" of party she wants. I will pull it off. I have been shopping garage sales, borrowed items, and watching grocery sale ads for the food. I hope to post pics when it's all set up. We were planning to rent a space but decided to have it at home under the carport to save money. She plans to invite 40 guests. :O

DS is graduating in a few weeks. He is also up for another promotion at his work. This kid is a hard worker and very intelligent. He deserves it. He also plans to attend college full time in the fall.

Everyone take care!