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Is this normal?

April 2nd, 2015 at 06:43 am

I bought organic milk from a big box store a few days ago and just opened it yesterday. It smells sour. Date on jug is May 17. I'm taking it back. I have been wanting to try raw milk. Found a dairy about 45 mins from here that carries it along with butter, cream, etc. Prices are a little steep but I'm wanting to provide better food for my family. Hubby works in that area so will ask him to pick up a gallon.

Also bought half a cow recently. Waiting on that to be delivered. We have done this before and can't go back to store bought beef. Hubs figured out we are paying about $6/lb on average. Not too bad and its grass fed.

We also order chicken breast from Zaycon. It comes in 40 lb boxes. We bought two. Paid $1.99/lb.

3 Responses to “Is this normal?”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    No, that isn't normal. We've been buying organic milk for 7 years and have never had that happen. Chances are, the grocery didn't store it correctly.

  2. help for you in essay link Says:

    thanks for telling us about this situation and now we will know what to do in such cases

  3. www.onlineclassmentor.com/ Says:

    You should return the spoiled milk back to the store and claim your money back! This is outrageous. Why do you have to pay for bad goods?

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