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It's been awhile!

May 16th, 2013 at 06:04 am

Just checking in...

I had my post-op appt yesterday and everything checks out good. Had a small problem with the dr's bedside manner again, so will prob find a new dr.

DH starts active phy therapy today. Been doing passive therapy since mid April. We are thinking his next surgery will b around the first of July.

Currently money is very tight. I mentioned on a previous post that DH is bringing in about 50% of his normal pay and I was wrong. It is more like 35%. We have used $3000 of our emergency fund and that was mostly to cover medical bills. I am determined to not use it on a monthly basis. We will prob have to when auto ins comes up for renewal, homeownwers ins, homeowners taxes, etc.

DD turned 16 recently and wants a sweet 16 party. I have a budget set at $150. She doesn't think it's possible with the "caliber" of party she wants. I will pull it off. I have been shopping garage sales, borrowed items, and watching grocery sale ads for the food. I hope to post pics when it's all set up. We were planning to rent a space but decided to have it at home under the carport to save money. She plans to invite 40 guests. :O

DS is graduating in a few weeks. He is also up for another promotion at his work. This kid is a hard worker and very intelligent. He deserves it. He also plans to attend college full time in the fall.

Everyone take care!

1 Responses to “It's been awhile!”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Glad you are both on the mend....That is a really big hit on the income....I don't think Sweet 16s have ever been much in vogue here, so I have no idea what such a party is like....Congrats to your son on all his achievements!...Are your vegetables growing in pots doing well?

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