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Half the pay

March 4th, 2013 at 08:29 am

My DH recently had surgery and will not work for at least 6 mos. We will be bringing in money though at 50% of what we are used to. We have enough to get by on but it will be difficult. Before surgery we were putting money back for Homeowners taxes, homeowners ins, car ins, Roth, and son's college. Now we can't. Kind of diheartning, but at least we can make the monthly bills with a little leftover.

I am pinching pennies any way I can...today I made a homemade dryer sheet, washed out a freezer bag, and going to hang clothes out on the line. I'm sure there will be more as the day progresses.

Also thinking of disconnecting the satellite and going with an antenna....prob won't go over well with the family.

10 Responses to “Half the pay”

  1. JulieA Says:

    So sorry to hear that. If you disconnect the satellite, do you have a way to stream entertainment such as Netflix or Amazon or something? It is much cheaper and for many people, every bit as good.

  2. twest Says:

    So sorry to hear this! Glad you have some savings for this tough time. Hope your hubby gets well soon!

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Oh, and you are recovering from your own surgery. Are you up to the extra work? I'm sure l the kids be able to help. If any friends offer help accept it, 'cause 6 months is a long recovery time. I imagine that psychologically it will be hard for your DH if his activity level is really cut back most of that time. He could get grumpy and bored. If you think he depends on that TV, maybe you should try to keep it.

  4. Momma23 Says:

    Julie...I don't know anything about streaming.

    twest...and we also have an emergency fund. just don't want to use it. Took a long time to get it where it's at. Frown If we have to we will.

    Joan...yes, I am still recovering. I feel okay. some days are better than others. The kids have been a great help. They have all stepped up to the extra things we can't do. DH activity is cut back. I did get him to go outside and sit in the sun for about 10 mins tho. Mostly he sits on the couch with his feet elevated...so maybe I should keep the TV as it is. Smile Friends have offered to help and I have accepted a few times.

  5. Petunia 100 Says:

    Momma23, in order to "stream" from Netflix directly to your tv, you need some sort of device. You can use a Playstation, Xbox, or Wii. Or, you can buy a Roku box. They cost about $79. Then, you pay just $7.99 per month to Netflix.

    My family prefers Netflix to cable/satellite, and it is certainly less expensive.

    I suggest you visit the Netflix website and just browse the movies and TV shows available. (Note, not everything is available for streaming, some is "disc only".)
    New things are released all the time.

    Best wishes to hubby on a successful recovery. Smile

  6. Momma23 Says:

    Pardon my stupid question but does it take internet? We don't have unlimited internet.

  7. Petunia 100 Says:

    Yes, it does take internet. I pay $40 per month for fast internet. I would pay for that anyway, so don't consider it an additional expense of Netflix. But of course that won't be true for everyone.

    It's not a stupid question, it takes me a LONG time to figure out technical details. Smile

  8. Jerry Says:

    You seem to be bringing a very pragmatic attitude to this time of challenges, and I think that will lead you through it as much as anything else! I am so glad that you have insurance of people who are willing to help, and kids who will pitch in while DH is on the mend. Good luck and get well soon to both of you!

  9. snafu Says:

    Your income reduction is short term and with a positive attitude it can be an interesting challenge to find less expensive ways of getting what you need. SA has a lot of tips. Finding other entertainment might be good for family bonding. Books, games, DVDs from library might help. If you're operating two vehicles reduce insurance coverage on DH's vehicles as a tiny slice. Make your own detergent and cleaning products results in savings and a really good product. Making meals from scratch has potential for better health, less fat, sodium and unpronounceable chemicals. If you run into barriers let us help with ideas that might work for your situation.

  10. Momma23 Says:

    Petunia...If we had unlimited internet, Netflix would be great.

    Jerry...Thanks so much for your kind words. We will get thru this. kids understand too. Told them we would have to cut their allowance in half and they totally understand. They are really stepping up to help.

    Snafu...We already do games and Redbox movies....will try the library tomorrow for movies. Last I checked our little town is limited on library movies. Thanks for the sugestion on reducing aoto ins on DH truck. Didn't think of that. I already make my own laundry det, and many cleaning products. I also cook from scratch almost exclusively. Very, very seldom do we eat out. But if you can think of other things please let me know. I'm always up to trying new things. Smile

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